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Reach for the Stars! How to Help Your Child Reach Their Therapy Goals

Home carryover is essential for progress in therapy because it helps reinforce the skills learned in therapy sessions. There are several reasons why home carryover is so crucial:

  1. Practice makes perfect: Just like with any skill, the more your child practices their therapeutic exercises or activities, the better they will become. Consistent practice at home is vital to helping your child progress towards their goals.

  2. Generalization: The ultimate goal of therapy is for the child to use their new skills in everyday life. Practicing skills at home helps to facilitate generalization, as the child has the opportunity to use their skills in a variety of settings and situations.

  3. Parental involvement: When parents are involved in home carryover, they can reinforce the skills that the child is learning in therapy and provide extra support and encouragement. This can create a more effective learning environment and help the child to make greater progress.

  4. Building independence: Practicing skills at home helps the child to become more independent in using their new skills. This can lead to greater confidence and success in their everyday life.

  5. Faster progress: Completing home carryover activities can help your child progress faster toward their long-term and short-term goals. The more they practice, the quicker they develop their skills and achieve their goals.

Overall, home carryover is essential for progress in therapy because it reinforces skills, facilitates generalization, and helps the child to become more independent. Consistent practice outside therapy sessions is critical to achieving the best possible outcomes for your child!

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