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About More Than Speech


More Than Speech is a multi-sensory based clinic in which sessions are centered around a play-based therapeutic model. Our therapists use hands-on learning and collaborative play to enhance positive social interactions, promote independence, cultivate a love for learning, and promote problem solving in different situations for carryover across environments. Our therapeutic sessions are often conducted moving fluidly to various stations throughout the clinic to enhance multi-sensory learning and engage in learning material in more than one way. Our team of therapists is dedicated to providing relationship-based care while helping children reach their full potential.

  • What are the standard procedures for an evaluation?
    After completing the necessary intake forms provided to you by our intake coordinator, we will schedule you with one of our evaluating therapists to complete a comprehensive evaluation. During the session the therapists will use formal evaluation measures to determine your child's individual profile to guide therapeutic sessions. A parent interview will be conducted as well to give our therapists a more in depth background of your child's interests, developmental milestones, and challenges in their natural environments. From this a formal report will be documented and a plan of care will be created to address your child’s specific needs.
  • How often will my child receive therapy?
    The frequency and duration that will be recommended for your child will depend on your child’s needs and will be determined and prescribed in the evaluation report. Sessions can range from 30-60 minute sessions based on their individual needs.
  • How long will my child be in therapy?
    The length of time your child will be in therapy depends on the needs of your child, motivation, and home carryover. In general, we develop goals that we expect will be met in approximately 6 months. Ideally, we like to see measurable progress within 3 months with consistent therapy and home carryover. Your participation in carryover at home is one of the most significant factors in the speed of progress.  After each therapy session, your therapist will want to talk to you about their clinical observations and your child’s performance through the sessions. This is also when your child’s therapist will provide techniques and ideas for carryover for teaching at home to promote retention of skills.  Keep in mind, if your therapist sees your child for 60 minutes per week, that leaves 6 days and 23 hours before you see your therapist again. One or two sessions of therapy per week, unless it includes carryover when the child leaves therapy, is not enough to see significant progress. In essence, the majority of learning happens at home when you and your child can practice the recommended exercises in their natural environment. 
  • What are the hours of operation?
    Our office provides treatment hours Monday-Thursday 8:00am-6:00pm and Friday’s 8:00am-4:00pm. We strive to be flexible in working around your families specific needs. Please reach out to us with questions regarding availability by emailing or calling our office during administrative hours at 407-637-2277. Please note that administrative hours vary from treatment hours.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    More Than Speech accepts a variety of insurances. Please inquire for specific plans accepted by emailing or calling our office during administrative hours at 407-637-2277. Please note that administrative hours vary from treatment hours.
  • How do I change an appointment?
    Please contact your therapist directly or email us at
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