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What are the signs of Dyslexia?

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

According to Child Mind Institute, "A young child with dyslexia may:

  • Have trouble learning simple rhymes

  • Be speech delayed

  • Have a hard time following directions

  • Have difficulty with short words; repeat or leave out words like and, the, but

  • Have trouble differentiating left from right

In school, kids with dyslexia are likely to:

  • Have significant difficulty learning to read, including trouble sounding out new words and counting the number of syllables in words

  • Continue to reverse letters and numbers when reading (read bear as dees, for example) after most kids have stopped doing that, around the age of 8

  • Struggle with taking notes and copying down words from the board

  • Have difficulty rhyming, associating sounds with letters, and sequencing and ordering sounds

  • Have trouble correctly spelling even familiar words; they will often spell them phonetically (cmpt instead of camped)

  • Lack fluency in reading, continuing to read slowly when other kids are speeding ahead

  • Avoid reading out loud in class

  • Show signs of fatigue from reading with great effort

The impact of dyslexia doesn’t stop when class ends. The disorder can also affect kids outside of school. Children with dyslexia might also:

  • Have trouble understanding logos and signs

  • Have difficulty learning the rules to games

  • Struggle to remember multi-step directions

  • Have trouble reading clocks and telling time

  • Have a particularly hard time learning a new language

  • Have emotional outbursts as a result of frustration"

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Parents Guide to Dyslexia. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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