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Better Speech and Hearing Month: A Time to Celebrate Progress and Promote Awareness at More Than Speech

Updated: May 7

May marks the annual celebration of Better Speech and Hearing Month, an initiative we at More Than Speech hold close to our hearts. As pediatric therapy specialists, we understand the profound impact that speech and hearing abilities have on a child's development and overall quality of life. This month is dedicated to raising awareness about speech and hearing disorders, encouraging early action, and celebrating the remarkable strides made in pediatric therapy.

The Role of Speech and Hearing in Child Development

Effective communication is foundational to learning, social interaction, and emotional development. Children use these skills to express their needs, engage with their peers, and learn from their environment. At More Than Speech, we witness daily how speech and hearing challenges can affect these interactions and how transformative proper care and intervention can be.

Early Detection and Intervention

One of the core messages of Better Speech and Hearing Month is the critical importance of early detection. Identifying speech and hearing issues early in a child’s development can lead to more effective interventions and significantly better outcomes. Warning signs can vary but typically include delays in speech development, difficulties with clear articulation, problems understanding others, or responding to sounds.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Better Speech and Hearing Month is more than just an observance—it’s a movement towards better understanding, comprehensive support, and community engagement. We invite you to join us at More Than Speech in making a significant impact this May. Whether by participating online, scheduling an evaluation, or simply spreading the word, your involvement can help change lives.

Let’s work together to ensure that every child has the opportunity to communicate clearly and confidently. Here's to better speech, better hearing, and better lives!

Speech Therapist reading to child

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